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At DFW Powder Coating, we take powder seriously. We have over two decades of powder coating experience. During this time, we have provided the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, as well as clients all over the globe with powder coat solutions. We leverage hard-won experience and expertise to set ourselves apart from our competition. Very few can do what we can. Our attention to detail and time make us the best choice for powder Coating needs. We surpass industry guidelines in preparation, application and quality control. Our processes make us second to none.

How Our Powder Coating Process Works

We prepare your metal with the highest-quality phosphate wash available in order to prepare the metal surface for optimal coating adhesion. We also make sure to take the time to preheat our metal before we apply the powder. We have found that when we do this, the powder adheres better to the prepared surface.

Another service that we offer, which sets us apart from many other powder coaters, is the option to have your metal coated with two-coats. Our team members constantly measure the thickness of the coating with very precise measuring tools to

Powder Coating Fort Worth, Dallas, DFW

After the powder has adhered to the metal, we pass the powder coated metal into one of our two ovens to cure them. When the powder is heated, it liquifies and bonds to the metal. All of these steps combine to ensure that the finished product is of the highest possible quality and finish. Dual ovens also give us extra capacity and redundancy. This means that even if one piece of equipment goes down, your powder coating job will still deliver on time. Good luck counting on this with competitors!

Approximately 85% of all painted finishes worldwide are accomplished through powder coating in some form or fashion, which means that there are plenty of options when it comes to options for your project. We strive to be the best of the best, monitoring each and every project with the same enthusiasm

We chose to primarily paint with powder due to its superior and desirable qualities over liquid paint. Powder is corrosion resistant, which promotes a longer life for your metal parts. The superior adhesion accomplished with a powder coat makes the finished product more resistant to chipping, scratching, and marring.

Not only are the color options of our powder endless, the very chemistry itself can be customized to the job that you are working on. We can formulate powder that is anti-bacterial or even powder that has chemical-resistant properties. The finish and texture of your coating is customizable. Whether you want a low, medium, or high gloss, a smooth texture or rough texture, we can handle any and everything that you send our way.

Learn more about our powder coating process here.

Just a Few of Ours Capabilities

  • Industry best lead times
  • Short and long runs, almost any quantity
  • Large and small parts, almost any size
  • 3-stage phosphate preparation process, beyond the industry standard
  • 2 oven types: conveyor and batch
  • Nearly an infinite selection of powder color, we do many each day
  • Stainless steel, steel, aluminum, iron, or zinc parts. Cosmetic-quantity powder coating
  • Medical grade anti-bacterial powder coating available
  • 2 coat painting is available
  • Clear coat powder coating available Up to 10’x25’

Five Questions To Ask When Evaluating a Fort Worth Powder Coater

1. How long have they been in business. Seems like common sense right? Wrong! AMS has been in business over 30 years and we routinely receive jobs from new clients after they try out competitors who popped up over night. Just because a shop has some spray equipment and a booth does not mean they are experts in powder coating.

2. Does the powder coater have a QC process in place to check product regularly for uniform application and quality?

3. Does the powder coater have redundant production lines? You will appreciate this with AMS when every job delivers on time.

4. Does the powder coating supplier offer a two coat option? This takes extra skill and dedication –we’ve got it!

5. Does the powder coater offer a variety of size capabilities and run sizes? This can be frustrating to switch vendors after a couple jobs because they simply can’t handle your specs. AMS Metal can powder coat a wide range of sizes and we are optimized for short or long

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