Powder Coating Fort Worth, Dallas, DFW

So, How Does Powder Coating Even Work?

At Accurate Metal, we pride ourselves on the ability to expertly powder coat any of your metal projects with the finest finish available. Our powder coating process provides superior results to liquid paint and has the added benefit of being better for the environment. Our powder coating process consists of three key steps, that ensure a perfect product every time. First, we pretreat the metal; second, we apply the powder; and third, we cure the powder in a high-temperature oven.

One of the key steps in the powder coating process is making sure that the metal is ready to receive and retain powder. We pretreat our metal through abrasion or chemical preparation, which makes the surface more susceptible to powder adhesion.

Powder coating is actually a very simple process that takes advantage of the electrical conductivity of the metal we work with to provide the best adhesion possible. When we powder coat, we pass an electrical current through the metal that we are working with, in this case it is a positive charge. We then charge the powder finish with the opposite charge, in this case, negative.

Anyone who has played with magnets knows that when it relates to magnetism, opposites attract. We use the exact same principal to adhere a dry powder to the metal product we are working with. Once the powder has adhered to the metal surface, we send it through one of our top-of-the-line ovens to cure. In the oven, the powder liquefies and bonds to the metal surface.

Unlike traditional liquid paint, which contains solvents, powder emits very little, if any volatile organic compounds or hazardous air polutants. VOCs and HAPs require treating exhaust air and filtering out the pollutants before air leaves the facility. Powder coating helps to keep the air clean and easily recirculated into the plant, with no adverse side effects.

In addition to being friendlier to the air we use and breathe, overspray (the additional powder that doesn’t adhere to the metal) can be reclaimed and used in future projects, which contributes to the overall sustainability of powder coating.

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